Fun Summer Reading!

June 22, 2017

Fun Summer Reading!

The big question: How to keep summer playful and fun while retaining (at least) a little bit of knowledge from school… The answer? Reading!

At Smiling Button, we want to ensure that every kid has a book in their hands and a smile on their face. Through donations to the charity Reading is Fundamental, we can achieve our goal. Reading is Fundamental provides books to children who wouldn’t otherwise have access to great literature, instilling in them a lifelong love for learning and imagination. The organization promotes literacy to 16 million children across the U.S. A proceed of your Smiling Button purchase will be donated to Reading is Fundamental. 


Reading is an invaluable way to learn about new places, both real and imaginary. Who needs a summer vacation when you can be transported to a land far away from the comfort of your own home? Books are a great way to make any day educational and playful, and here at Smiling Button, we have a couple favorites of our own.

Here are our childhood favorites: 

Caroline's Choice: Eloise at the Plaza

To Caroline, Eloise at the Plaza is more than just a childhood favorite. Caroline loved this classic because of Eloise’s carefree, independent spirit. “Living in a hotel in New York City seemed exciting enough, but it was Eloise’s love of play--despite anyone in her way--that made the books so endearing!” Who doesn’t love Eloise?!

We can totally picture Eloise wearing The Caroline Tuni! Shop it here:


Catherine's Choice: Make Way for Ducklings

This classic children’s book was a favorite for Catherine because she loved to walk the Public Gardens as a child. She admired the kind world that the story portrays: the loving parent ducks, the island in the lake of the park where the swan boats still glide, and the police who care enough about little ones to stop traffic. Catherine still loves reading this book today.    


Sydney's Choice: Goodnight Moon 

Sydney’s favorite past time was reading stories with her family before bed. Her book of choice is a classic fan favorite: Goodnight Moon. “I loved the ritual of saying goodnight to everything and everyone in my world!” Now we’re ready for bed, Sydney! 


 Lexi's Choice: The Big Green Pocketbook

Lexi’s favorite book from childhood is The Big Green Pocketbook by Candice Ransom. Lexi loved this book because she says she could picture herself as the main character: running errands with her mom, collecting items in her fabulous purse, and cherishing every moment with loved ones. Great choice, Lexi!


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Here are some our new favorite picks:


“Goodnight, Numbers” by Danica McKellar (2017):


“This is How We Do It: One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from Around the World” by Matt Lamothe (2017):


“Real Friends” by Shannon Hale and Leuyen Pham (2017):

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